The construction of the car took place in 2012/2013 in Litvínovská AP Motorsport under the guidance of an experienced Vaclav Arazim , Zdenek Pipota and Jan Mikšátko . The construction of racing cars have many years of experience in Litvinov .

  The actual car series Ford Sierra Cosworth of 1987 was purchased in Austria. The body was in excellent condition, no rust and no signs of damage . Very nice piece construction designed specifically for the car. For the purpose of the rally but had to replace the roof plate , because the original Kastle was fitted with an electric roof. After complete DISMANTLING the bare body took on water jet blasting in Mlada Boleslav , to be stripped of all original colors and Plastisols , as is normal when building a race car .

 After this treatment, the body moved back to AP Motorsport in Litvinov , where work continued on the reinforcement brackets modify the engine, transmission , differential , and other things that are totally different from the standard car. When the work was largely completed , and the car drove into the company VND Autosport to Vaclav Najman , who created and installed in a vehicle homologation by the protective frame .


   Meanwhile, ran all the major overhaul of engines and chasing things from England and Italy . Ivan Matoušek performed a complete renovation of the engine , which is a small work of art . New parts - turbo differentials arrived from England . Get Gr.A original gearbox with a "big " nose of the Sierra proved to be a big problem. I have finally managed to find. And after nearly 4 months to deliver to the Czech Republic .

   After dismantling had to go through a refurbishing, as the ravages of time worked here. Company Kalmar Motorsport succeeded perfectly. Another big problem representing management . Steep management today and can not get in the Czech Republic could not make him one . Finally, the original piece sent to Italy , and there he remade the race (ie, 2.2 speed). As the only company in Europe knew how to do this remake . Continued work on the production of chassis parts . Of the shoulders to the front and rear axles produced expert with many years of experience Roman Kalvoda , which is doing excellent job . A separate chapter is back shoulders . Original Magnesium are unobtainable goods and so vymontovala of the Sierra Jiri Navratil. Company 3E Praha Engineering conducted scanned the shoulders. The accuracy of a very demanding and time consuming. Everything but eventually succeeded. Scan shoulders the CD went to Andrew Vesely , who has a CNC machine tool shop . As one said he would do it and kept it . About 5 times the arms carrying on trial in Litvinov back to all products peaked dreams. Just add that to produce one blank shoulders size 70-35-25 cm and weighed 131 kg . The finished product weighs 11 kg . The shoulders are a little piece of art.

   During the construction had to deal with a lot of other things that are directly related to the car. Each one component , respectively . its production or hunting would be issuing a separate chapter. Certainly many things fails , at least briefly the most important. She had to deal with such production exhaust brakes as forage for approval , production shaft, the leading manufacturing hub carriers , let the draw and then make the petrol tank , which fits exactly into the hole for the spare wheel , contemporary location for filling gasoline production kardanky with center bearing, production footlights, purchase and installation of ONI , installation of fire-fighting equipment , devise and produce a cooler for the differential, produce contemporary handbrake and about 50 other things.

  During all this work on the engine , chassis and gearbox , the car returned after mounting frame back into Litvínova to complete the rest of the plumbing work before painting . Such a tuning - seat brackets , strut under the dashboard , passages in the engine compartment , preparing for the tank in place and other reserves . Then the car drove into the garage KLM Prague , where he was painting. With a flair for the thing and experience everything was completed on schedule. The result of their work caught my attention . Design Marlboro turned out exactly as I wanted . It is a modified version of the design Mariana Bublewicze that I liked the most.

   It could start dressing up and completing the race car . All accumulated components were placed in storage , waiting for installation . She started to take place after the arrival of the car from the paint shop and lasted nearly five months . The result is a beautiful car that was launched in March 2013. Auto more to show than to rally racing.



In the section - photos of the building ,VIDEA you can see the progress of construction of a racing car .